About Deepa Narayan, my co-facilitator at Hollyhock, July 2012

Deepa Narayan has a Ph. D in Human Development, specializing in cross-cultural psychology. She has 30 years experience in research and facilitating workshops around the world to empower women, men and youth. She now focuses on more intimate circles. She has won many leadership awards and published over 15 books on empowerment of self and poverty.

What Women say about working with Deepa:

Nancy and Deepa

My most memorable and deepest session with Deepa lasted less the 10 minutes. We got started and minutes later Deepa said, “ I think we are done”. I continued to sit in that place for the remainder of the hour. It was magical and she just knew where to take me.

Deepa has allowed me to dive into the knowing that lives in my body yet is almost always overridden by my thoughts.
I have come to know the strength of my inner judge or critic; the one who drives me to do more, and say more and whose expectations are killing to my body. Deepa’s warmth and total acceptance of the body’s wisdom has allowed me to experience some of this within myself, for myself.

Working with Deepa this past year has been a healing journey.  Deepa’s compasssionate and non-judgmental approach allowed me to tap into some deeply held beliefs and disturbing past experiences.  She helped me work with them to a point of feeling a shift in my energetic and emotional systems.  I have developed a deeper understanding of my psyche and the work I need to do to continue on this journey.  

“My body responds to the sound of Deepa’s voice. My shoulders drop,my breath expands and my face muscles relax. Deepa has guided me on a journey of self discovery. Deepa works from a place of non judgement where so much personal grow is possible. I’ve begun to integrate many  aspects of myself I hadn’t wanted to look at. This process has helped me to open and experience more of what life offers. With firm and gentle guidance Deepa has helped me go to new places and revisit the places where I’ve been stuck before. Working with Deepa has been a gift.”


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